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Banana peel improves mood and reduces anxiety

The banana peel will find compounds that stimulate the secretion of hypothalamic serotonin. This chemical is also called "hormone of happiness". Lowering its level causes stress, sadness, tendency to aggression, restlessness, anxiety and lack of appetite or overeating. That is why it is so important to take care of equalization levels of this hormone in the body, because it is a guarantee of well-being and mood.

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Banana peels is seen as effective treatment for depression used either juiced or steeped in hot water. Other research on banana peel extract has found similar antidepressant effects. However, banana peels should be used as a supplement, not as a stand alone treatment for major depression. While using food to treat mental health symptoms may depend on the severity of the condition and other health factors, trying something like banana peel tea has little downside unless you are allergic to bananas. Even if the effects are too subtle for your liking, banana peel tea is still a delicious and frugal way to close out the evening.